Put Your Church Visitor Follow-Up Program On Auto-Pilot!

Think 100%

Visitors represent 100% of your growth!

That's right! Every current member was once a first time visitor! Significant resources and effort should be extended to this most important group of people. Helping visitors get connected and stay connected is a challenge yet one with great rewards.Church growth experts advise an initial follow-up within 24 hrs of the visit.

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Is visitor follow-up really that important?

YES! Reason One: Visitors Need You To Start The Conversation. Visitor follow up is critical because if the church is going to draw people in to meet their needs and show them who Jesus is, you have to first get the conversation started. Now I'll admit, sometimes people visit your church, are greeted well, sit by very friendly people who immediately invite the new couple out to lunch, and the rest is history.

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Visitor FollowUp

Visitor Follow-Up Is A Key To Church Growth!

How Many Visitors Come To Your Church Monthly Find out how many visitors attended your services this past month, even this past year. Then find out how many stayed. For example: If you have 100 people currently attending on average, with 8 first time visitors last month, this gives you approximately 96 first time visitors per year.

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8 Week Automatic Visitor Followup System For Churches! Featuring "The Essentials Of Christian Living eCourse"

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First Time Visitors